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DemetzArch is a recognised architectural studio led by the distinguished Architect Hugo Demetz and Designer Alessia Demetz.

The blend of the experience over 4o years building more than 50 top hotels in the world, DemetzArch continues to lead the hospitality niche market.

The sustainable architecture inspired by the land through functional and technical perfection speaks by itself.

The origin of noble creations starts from inspiration to imagination, from concept to sketch, from vision to reality.

Hugo Demetz

Hugo Demetz

"Building Harmony: My Journey from Hotel Heir to Architect"

I was raised in a holiday hotel, Hotel Engel, in Ortisei, Italy, where my days were spent observing both guests and staff while also studying psychology and the arts. This distinct upbringing led me to become deeply interested in how people respond to aesthetic spaces, especially when taken out of their regular environments. It was this interest that guided me into a career in hotel architecture.

I pursued my architectural education in Austria and Florence, where I focused on theories of perception. I consciously avoided getting entangled in debates over stylistic trends, an approach I continue to maintain.

Having grown up in a setting where I was destined to become a hotelier, I became intimately familiar with the multifaceted operations that keep a hotel running smoothly. Over the last 40 years, I have seen the industry evolve dramatically, necessitating specialized planners, engineers, and constant updates in both hardware and software.

Despite having constructed more than 100 hotels, the essence of my creative work remains consistent: "I consider myself a guest in this world and strive for harmony—a harmony that aligns with the environment, its history, and its 'genius loci', or spirit."

This guiding philosophy has fueled my passion and directed my work in various countries, including France, Austria, and Germany, and most extensively over the past two decades, in Italy. As I transition some of this responsibility to my daughter, I do so with the assurance that she will be guided by the wisdom and knowledge I have accumulated over the years.

Alessia Demetz

Alessia Demetz

"Legacy Crafted with Design in Every Emotion"

With a diverse educational background spanning Russia, Italy, Switzerland and France, I've immersed myself in the worlds of business, design, and branding. Parallel to my studies, I gained practical experience in the hospitality industry, providing me with a comprehensive understanding of its inner workings.

For nearly a decade, I've had the privilege of collaborating closely with my father, Hugo Demetz, on a multitude of projects. I've contributed a youthful vigor, an artistic flair, and a nuanced understanding of the relationship between design elements and human emotion. My father has always pushed me to broaden my horizons by exploring hotels across the globe. This has not only fueled my creativity but also deepened my understanding of the influential role luxury hotels can play in society.



The importance of having the full control of the artistic outcome of DemetzArch for each project is the key to the project success.

We need to concentrate our work on the creative part and on the direct interaction with the client.

We have decided to outsource administrative, bureaucratic and technical matters cooperating with experienced professionals.

DemetzArch hotels look very different from the origin of form and design without having the author signature.

Our footprint is the uniqueness of each project.e origin of noble creations starts from inspiration to imagination, from concept to sketch, from vision to reality.